May, You’ve Done Me Good

It’s May and I’ve done it. I’ve completed three years at university studying for my English degree. It feels like I’ve reached this point far quicker than I ever imagined. It’s a cliché, but the day I moved to Liverpool in September 2014 honestly feels like it was yesterday. Although saying that, I am happy these three years are drawing to their end. Not because I haven’t enjoyed my time here, it’s definitely been a fun three years, however, I feel like I’m ready to move on. Move on to what? I’m still unsure, but I’m ready for the next phase of my life.

the alchemMy last assignments were submitted a couple of weeks ago, so now it is just a waiting game to distinguish exactly what level of degree I am leaving Liverpool with. However, that is not something I am thinking about just yet. I am simply happy to have a free mind and so much free time to relax and do what I want to do, without the pressures of assignments. Luckily for me, the end of my degree has tied in with my 22nd birthday. I have not been out a lot during third year so a night out was one hundred per cent needed. Since going out is a rare occasion, I thought it was only right to go to The Alchemist for a meal and cocktails. If you have been there before then you will understand what I mean when I say it is a beautiful place. – in all areas: aesthetics, food, drinks, people.

Following that, we went to one of my favourite night time destinations in Liverpool: Mathew St. And, I am fully confident now that I have been to every pub/bar/club that is down that street. – well, that is apart from the Cavern Club. (what kind of student residing in Liverpool has not been to the most famous drinking establishment in the city? Really. I’m such a sorry excuse for a student) I’m confident, however, I will get to the Cavern Club before I leave Liverpool for good. So, Mathew St was great. I highly recommend it if you want to be away from the student populated night life. Although, a lot of the time the lack of students is replaced with tourists. So, I guess it’s all about preferences.

sister actAs well as celebrating my birthday in Liverpool I also went home for a few days. I went to see Sister Act, a musical directed and choreographed by Craig Revel Horwood, at the theatre in Stoke. Which was honestly so good. I didn’t know what to expect, when you’ve watched the original films so often it’s sometimes hard to separate the characters from the original actors (i.e Whoopi Goldberg). However, the cast behind the Sister Act musical were fab, so thankfully I didn’t find myself making comparisons between the portrayal of the characters in the film and the musical.

Following my birthday celebrations, I also had my English Graduation Ball, at the Bluecoat Chambers. I wasn’t going to attend this as it didn’t sound like something that I would enjoy. However, a few of us decided ‘I’ll go if you go’. So, naturally, I found myself attending the ball. It was an enjoyable night with course friends, prosecco, a three-course meal, dancing, moreball 1 prosecco, a photo booth…oh and more prosecco. It has been so long since we’ve had a chance to dress up nicely, that it was great to have an excuse to make a bit more an effort than the usual jeans and trainers. Though, by the end of the night, and when I found myself sat in a tequila bar, shot in hand, I was majorly regretting not wearing flat shoes. Nevertheless, it was a great night and just shows that although I may think something will be… meh, it can turn out to be enjoyable. So, mental note taken for the next time I have doubts about an event or the like.

Well, that’s been my life over the last month or so. – I’ve completed university, I’ve turned 22 and I had a couple of enjoyable nights out. I have had a great May, however, now that I have finished I am finding myself with little to do. I am currently working one day a week on an internship…which I realise I haven’t spoken too much about, so maybe that’ll be a future post. And, although I am working for that day, the rest of the weeks have been a mission to fill, which hasn’t been made easy with the terrible weather. However, I have been productive, and I have planned the best week ahead. I will not go into detail about this yet, as I will save this for a future post. So, keep your eyes peeled, and i’ll leave you with these fantastic pictures from my solo, drunken trip to the photo booth at the grad ball.

photo booth 1

Until next time…



Summer has begun

hqdefault.jpgSo I have happily kicked off my summer, and the last week or so has been completely jam packed! It started off with going to see The Rocky Horror Show – which not only had I never seen it before, I actually had no idea what it was going to be about. I may have been living in a hole, but the only aspect of it I was familiar with was ‘The Time Warp’. Unsurprisingly I was a little taken aback by the whole show. I have never seen anything so… crazy? I’m not sure if that’s the word I should be using. But once I got my head around the storyline, I had to get my head around the flamboyancy of it all. Am I being uncultured by saying that I just don’t understand the obsession with the show? Don’t get me wrong any musical or play that has been in production for as long as TRHS has (1973) is impressive. Everybody has different perspectives and takes different things from these works of art. But personally? I am not convinced by it. Maybe I didn’t understand it, maybe I just wasn’t fully open to the ideas in it, but nothing seemed to make sense to me. It was an experience at least, and I’m always open to seeing new things. So we’ll see what shows I end up at next.


How the weekend ended!

Following TRHS I was straight home to spend the weekend at a local music festival. This for me has become an annual event allowing me to catch up with friends I have not seen all year. So I had been pretty excited for the weekend to roll around. I mean a weekend full of laughs, music, cider, and (amazingly) sunshine. Sounds great, right? – And it was! The weekend was a lot of fun, although it definitely felt like it ended far too soon. However that being said, I was glad for the money spending to cease. (I never have been sensible with my funds.) It may be over, but just like every year, it will soon be coming back around before we know it.


Following all this I finally mustered up the motivation to head back up to Liverpool to empty my university room. As you know I’ve recently finished my second year of university. Although I am excited to be finally enjoying my summer there was still so much work to do. Now, when you move out of your family home where you have pretty much lived the life of a queen being weighted on hand a foot (oops) uni housing can be a massive change. My first year, alike for most freshers, I lived in university halls. The significance of that you ask? They have cleaners! Every week our flat got cleaned. They weren’t perfect as you’d expect but it was far better knowing there was somebody that would force us to keep the place in order a little bit. Second year though? No cleaner, no help, no clue. Whether you’ve been to university or are planning on going I’m sure it’s universal that your parents will encourage you to keep a schedule, a rota, just something to keep everything in check. And universally, this will and is continually ignored. (First-hand experience here!) Oh the regrets I have for not taking that piece of advice a little more seriously. Living in a house without a cleaner this year meant not only dealing with our mess throughout the year, but having to deep clean at the end. This is a gruelling task. I’m not surprised they don’t forewarn you prior to attending university. No matter how well you keep up to date with the maintenance throughout the year there will always be days and days’ worth of work come moving out.

Last weekend, well my Sunday, was spent doing exactly that. In the baking heat, with the worst hangover having had minimal amount of sleep (I attended a party Saturday night) I moved all my stuff out of my third floor bedroom. Honestly, you do not realise how much stuff you have until you have to go through this kind of process. Not only that though, it was the amount of stuff I had but have not used all year that shocked me. There’s one thing wanting to make yourself feel at home whilst away but it was like I had taken my whole life with me. So as a word of advice if you do end up at university or in a similar situation – pack what you think you need, then remove at least of half of it. That is my plan for my third year anyway. Let’s be practical for once!

20160605_181817Although I’m happy to have checked out of my house I couldn’t help but feel a sense of loss too. My accommodation contract doesn’t actually end until August. So you can imagine at the beginning of the year there were so many plans to live in the city up until that time. Unfortunately though this hasn’t been able to happen. So here I am paying another two months’ worth of accommodation that I’m not even going to be living in! Student life, aye.

September will soon be around again though and I will be moving back into that same house. This time with some different housemates, which is always an exciting prospect. Each year seems to be bringing me something different. There’s never a moment to get too comfortable in my situation. Something always seems to change and this year has and will be a massive alteration. It’s funny how much aspects of your life can alter in such a short space of time. However I welcome this. I’ve come to enjoy it when parts of my life are shaken a bit. It keeps you on your toes and nobody wants a dull life, do they?


see you next year!

Anyway I thought I’d just write a few words to catch up, to keep this place up to date on what’s been going on with me the last week or so. Now I’m back to feeling sorry for myself for getting sunburnt over the last couple of days. I can’t complain too much though, soon it’ll be raining, and I’ll be yearning for the blistering heat again!

Until next time…