Such a Cliché

everybody’s journey is different, and everything happens for a reason.

I am coming up to the final couple of months of my university experience so understandably I am feeling a little bit reflective. I cannot help but look back over my three years of university and acknowledge both, what I have and have not achieved during my time here.

I started my university experience in 2014, moving from a relatively quiet rural town in Shropshire to the lively city of Liverpool. It was a big step, but one I am whole heartedly glad I took. Liverpool John Moore’s was not necessarily my first choice when I began looking at universities, in fact it was probably the last university I considered. However, from my first visit to the city I loved it. And I am glad to say that adoration for the city has continued throughout my time here.

When I think back to how I have spent the last couple of years though, I cannot help but feel a little bit of regret that I did not take advantage of the location more. I spent most my first year drunk, or hungover, and wrapped up in the freedom of doing next to nothing after the stress of A Levels, that I failed to immerse myself in what Liverpool had to offer – And my second year was hardly any different. Though, I did begin to explore the city further than my usual attendance to Concert Square three times a week, but in hindsight I do not feel I explored enough.

I feel that since September, in my final year, I have really come into my own though. Through putting drinking and nights out on the back burner I have discovered a whole new side to myself and to university life. I have immersed myself in my studies far more this year than I ever did in the previous two years. I have visited attractions and explored more of what the city has to offer – it definitely helps that I brought my car with me this year! I have also began thinking about my future, and where my life is going, something that I have heavily avoided for most of my life. As a result of all of this I managed to secure myself an internship, running the social media accounts and writing blogs for a small interior design company.

Even though when I think about my time at university I do hold some regrets over how I managed my time, I cannot help but feel pleased with the journey I have been on. After all, the clichés are always right: everybody’s journey is different, and everything happens for a reason.

Until next time…



The Beginning of the End

And just like that I have made it to my third year of university. I’m not sure how I have got myself here, or why it has gone so quickly. But nevertheless it is here and I am feeling mixed emotions. Happy because I have got myself thus far, but sad that it is nearly over. It is therefore ‘the beginning of the end.’ It’s such a cliché but it honestly does feel like yesterday that I was moving into student halls for my first year. Now here I am, moved in and settled into the house for my final year.

fullsizerenderI am living in the same house as I was last year. However, I have moved rooms in order to maintain the excitement of redecorating an alien space to make it my own. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that the new room is significantly larger. I always get a buzz out of redecorating a new room as I feel like it’s part of the experience of moving away. Being able to decorate a space and anything and everything is completely up to you. I’ve also noticed that each year I tend to progress and change styles. Is this me growing up? My first year I can remember my room just felt so chaotic. There was stuff everywhere. Fair enough the room was smaller but still why didn’t I buy storage?! This year though is significantly different. I have been adult enough to buy storage and a mini book-case. I have also gone for, I feel, a very minimalist look. I have left so many clothes and so many ‘things’ that I never wore and never used at home. And my god don’t I feel good about it. Why do we think we need all this stuff? Like I used to pack things with a ‘just in case’ mindset. It’s just crazy. But here I am, having got two years of IMG_1939.JPGpacking experience behind me. I have made progress.

What is also sad about this year is that it was (or should be) the last year I will get to experience freshers as a student. There is a stark contrast between my freshers in third year and my freshers in first year. I didn’t realise it would be quite so bad, but I did find myself only going out twice in the week/two-week freshers. Compare that to first year where I went out more or less every day, yeah there’s a difference. But you know what? I didn’t miss it, and I don’t regret not going out more. I’ve said it for a while now, but I really do think I’m getting to that point where I’d definitely rather have a chill night in than going to a club. Plus, I’d rather keep the money myself than spend it on taxis, alcohol, entry fees and end of the night food. This img_1988lack of going out has even done me good. I decided to give Bootea a go. Just as little detox, try to sort me out a bit. I’m half way through now and I think it’s going well. It hasn’t been nearly as hard as I thought it would be to keep on track and keep drinking the teas. Also, they’re not as disgusting as I have seen a lot of people say. Granted the night-time tea is the best of the two, but the morning isn’t terrible.

However what hasn’t changed for me this year though is my addiction to shopping. I swear it’s like when people go bungee jumping or take drugs or I dunno. I seem to get some kind of high from spending, which later dwindles once I realise the damage I’ve done. First step of an addiction is admitting to it, right? Maybe by the end of the year I’ll be on my way to getting ‘sober’. Either way though the start of a new uni year in shopping terms only ever means img_1877the latest student fest in Liverpool. This is a great time for people like me. Anywhere and everywhere in town have the greatest student deals, offering crazy discounts. For just one day only it’s impossible to resist. Understandably then, I was unable to. I admit I spent more than intended. However, I did buy some great things. A lot of these I will admit come under the heading of ‘make-up’. I will be writing a blog about all the products I got my hands on. So really? I was just doing research for my blog. It’s all for you! Aside from the make-up though I want to direct attention to two of my favourite purchases so far. First is this gorgeous green knitted dress, perfect for the colder days. I found it in New Look, I think it was only like £20. It’s definitely not something I would usually go for but it is super comfy and just completely on point that I couldn’t resist. Secondly is these amazing trainers I bought. From Primark of all places. I rarely  shop there, and I don’t think I’ve img_1940ever bought a pair of shoes from there. But, I have fallen in love. The image doesn’t do them justice. They are gold and glittering and so ridiculously comfy. It’s hard to comprehend how they only cost £12. I will certainly be checking out their trainer selection more often. Watch this space!

Now the idea is concentrate on uni. Somehow I’ve managed to get a timetable that involves me being in uni only twice a week this semester. So I pray I’m not silly enough to start having the casual ‘sick day’ like I have done the previous two years. I am so far, you’ll be glad to hear, doing well! Time will tell though. I’m also contemplating getting a job alongside my studies. I’m not sure how wise this idea is in third year, but I could do with the extra cash for so many different reasons. If you have had any experience of working alongside img_1936your studies I would love to hear about it! I don’t feel like I have a lot of work to do, this semester I only have four assignments, but there is just so much to read.(the image shows less than a quarter of what i need to read) How is it possible? Because I don’t know anybody that manages to read all of the required reading let alone the recommended. So who decided this was all humanly possible? I’d like to know.

Anyway, I say time and time again but I’m hoping to improve my blogging. The content and the rate, most importantly the rate! When else in my life am i gonna have so much free time to just sit and blog? Maybe this beginning of the end will turn out to simply be the beginning of something great. Who knows? So this is me here saying as the adult I have become, I will do this. (Please Hannah do this) so….

Until next time…


Summer Goals

So the last nine months have flown by, I’ve submitted countless assignments, read numerous novels, poems, academic journals, and finally my second year of university is over. Suddenly my summer is here, and I am faced with days, weeks and months of freedom. This has got me thinking: what am I to do with this time? I’ve decided I do not want to waste it like I have so many years before. Thus I have decided to set myself some summer goals. A list of things I hope to have accomplished, places I hope to visit, along with day to day targets. The problem I have though is that I say these things but rarely do I carry them out. This post therefore is my way of attempting to stick to my word. I hope that writing these goals down in a public domain will encourage me to take them more seriously.

  • Let’s start of easy, I aim to drink more water. I always find over the winter I fail to drink enough water. My skin goes horrible, I feel sluggish and just genuinely have the winter blues. Thus I will revitalise and replenish, and use the summer to flush out many unwanted toxins. – Though I am not looking forward to the initial breakouts from the toxins being flushed out.
  • DSC_0231.JPGI want to read more books. I spend the rest of the year focussing on the books I study for my degree that I feel now is the time to focus on the pleasure side of reading. Over the last couple of months I have been in and out of charity stores picking up some potentially great reads. Thus I have a lot of material to get through and this summer I hope is the time that I do just that.
  • I hope to go on more walks. Last Summer I was fairly skint from my fresher’s year at university, so I spent so much time discovering new places and going on walks. However this stopped as summer drew to an end and university took over my life once again. Over summer I hope to get back to this. I’m not sure I’ll go quite all out and walk the 15 odd miles along the canal I did last year. However I do hope to at least go on numerous smaller walks.
  • I really want to finish my room by the time I go back to university for my third year. I recently moved rooms at home which called for a completely décor overhaul. The majority of it is completed however there are still numerous finishing touches I need to complete. I feel having these all completed prior to my return to Liverpool will set my mind at ease. Therefore I will be able to return knowing nothing else needs to be done.
  • DSC_0218.JPGKeep my cactus alive has to be on this list. I have just bought a cute little potted cactus for my bedroom. However me being somebody who lacks a green thumb I’m a little anxious when it comes to keeping it alive. To my advantage though I have read they do not actually take a lot of looking after, so I hope this does go well.
  • At some point I hope to go camping. Now this is something I’ve be yearning to do for a while. I mean I’ll be satisfied even if it’s just a one night trip to Shell Island. Camping is something that I grew up doing every year as a family, and for a number of years now I haven’t done it. Thus it’ll be refreshing to spend some time, even if limited, going back to basics.
  • Something which I have attempted this year already but failed to complete is a week-long technology break. Thus I really hope to commit to this challenge once again, and instead of cracking half way through, I hope to fight the urge and complete the challenge wholly. (Although I’m not entirely sure I’ll ever be able to completely remove Netflix from my life for a whole week)
  • 181_1I want to visit Stonehenge. Ok, as random as this is, I have a number of places in the UK that I want to visit for the first time or visit again. One of these places is Stonehenge, which I have not visited in a very long time. It is one of the many places in the UK which has an intriguing history and has inspired many for various reasons. Therefore I want to find a day that I can head down there once again and experience the monument for myself.
  • roman-bathsAnother place I want to visit is Bath. Again, this is a strange one. I have for a while though wanted to visit the Roman Baths. Thus I finally hope to get down there and make this visit.
  • I will drink less alcohol. Last summer I went completely T-total, and I must say it felt great. Not only for the accomplishment, but in myself. I did however find that I began to avoid any social interaction which may have put me in the position of drinking again. (apparently I have no self-control when I’m with friends) This year though I will not be quite as extreme, I will aim to find a middle ground. (how much of an alcoholic does this make me look? but i promise you, i am not one)
  • I aim to learn about Greek mythology. You begin to learn about this stuff in school but my knowledge is fairly minimum. For some reason though this bothers me. Therefore by the end of summer I hope to have built on my foundational knowledge of this topic. Even if this means purchasing a dummies guide to mythology!Fall-of-Pha-thon-greek-mythology-2996236-800-584.jpg
  • This year I also want to be prepared for university. Usually when the academic year comes along I am anything but prepared. This time I will be heading into my final year, therefore this is prime time to turn up completely prepared. So from purchasing the novels and texts I will be studying, to identifying when I will be in attendance to classes even to making sure I have everything I need before I leave home, (because I always forget something) I will have done it!
  • I want to go to the beach. This is completely elementary so it should be easy to tick off the list. It’s actually so easy that I shouldn’t even need to include it. The problem is though with no holiday’s planned and sunny weather in England being limited, trips to the beach are fairly uncommon for me. Thus I am writing it down in hope that this goal will amount to something!
  • 11165285_10155537420080167_3859231176794751836_n.jpgwmsp-logoO9ltLgzWI want to go to the zoo and the safari park. Personally, I love a good day trip to somewhere like the zoo or a safari park. It is probably one of my favourite places to visit. Usually we head to Chester Zoo and West Midlands Safari Park, so these will probably be the places I will head to this summer. The best thing about WMSP though? They give you a free ticket to return again in the future!
  • Since I am coming up to the most important and the last year of my education I feel it is important to establish some future goals. Thus this summer I will zone in on what I am looking to achieve once I have finished university. Therefore I will look into things like careers, extracurricular programmes I could take part in and potential post graduate courses.
  • I also hope to be more experimental with cooking. I recently bought the ever so popular ‘Lean in 15’ recipe book; and although I have tried out one or two of the recipes I have yet to conquer any bigger ones. So this summer I will strive to recreate some of Joe Wicks’ delicious recipesDSC_0237.JPG
  • I will end this list with: blogging. I hope that over the summer I will actively make blogging a part of my life. Thus I hope to be consistent with posts and imaginative with my post ideas!

I feel like I have plenty of time to accomplish most if not all of these points, and I’ll probably end up adding to this list in future. So we’ll see how it goes and I’ll keep you informed as to how they are going. The most interesting thing though will be when I look back at the end of summer to see just how well I have done. If you have any goals that you are aiming to accomplish this summer do share, I’m always up for more ideas!

Until next time…