The Grand National: Ladies Day


For the very few of you that do not realise, this weekend has been Randox Health’s Grand National. Admittedly, I am one of those people who only pays attention to horse racing this one weekend in the year. There’s just this hype around it, and you really get swept along…even more so living in Liverpool, just down the road from Aintree Race Course. I have wanted to go to Ladies Day for a few years now, but unfortunately it just has not happened for me yet. There’s always next year, right? I am digressing though, it not the horse racing or the events themselves that has me writing today. It is the media, and the newspapers that report on the weekend that have brought me here. One newspaper in particular has me frustrated, I will not however give them the satisfaction of naming them. Though as I go on, I’m sure many of you will figure out who that newspaper is.

Year after year I see this newspaper report on the Grand National, which is only right, it is a big event. However, the headlines that I continuously see from them revolve around Ladies Day. Their photographer takes countless photographs of the women attending the event, all looking fabulous I must say. However, rather than focus on the fact that these women have come together to enjoy a day out at the races, they put a more negative spin on the day; And that is putting it lightly. They take photographs from purposefully unflattering angles and comment on how ‘classless’, ‘inappropriate’, and ultimately how ‘unladylike’ they view the woman attending the event are. I cannot speak for their physical newspaper, as I am more of an online newsreader. However, their website is covered in photographs that they present to the world, with the idea of shaming and embarrassing these women. What infuriates me most though is that this article has been published by an unknown reporter at the newspaper…

Why, if you are proud of your work and proud of what you do, would you post anonymously?

I can give you a reason. You post anonymously because you know the backlash you are going to receive for this article. That although you attempt to shame and embarrass these women that attended the Grand National’s Ladies Day, you will be met with hundreds, if not thousands, of people who are in support of these women, and who will look at you with disdain. You know why? Because these women are having a damn good time! They are enjoying their day at the races thoroughly, and creating memories that they will look back fondly on. These are confident, independent, glammed up women, who are not afraid to have fun. They’ve spent their day in the sunshine, surrounded by their friends, enjoying a high-profile event. And what have you done with your day? You’ve wasted a whole day judging other people for having a good time. Where is the logic in that? And nobody even knows who you are, literally, because your name is not on the article.

I only hope the person responsible for this article is not female. Because I can guarantee at some point in their life they would have been subject to some form of judgement…as most women are. Therefore, as a woman, they should realise that this kind of judgmental article is just not acceptable.

Where is the girl power?

And if they are male? Well, what do you want us girls to do, spend our days indoors, catering to your every need? Ha, we are not in 1950. If a woman wants to go out and have fun, if she wants to drink until she cannot drink anymore, if she wants to take off her shoes after a long day (because heels hurt, I commend them for spending the amount of time they did in them, I’m not sure I would have been that strong myself), if she wants to wear clothes that show off her body, then who are you to stop them?

All I want to say to the women who attended Ladies Day at the Grand National is: YOU GO GIRLS; I’m only jealous I was not there to look as fabulous and have as much fun as you all did!