Progress Being Made

In one of my previous post I told you about how I had acquired and started my summer job. I am now two weeks in and I must say going strong. I can’t say it’s been a difficult two weeks; the summer camp has been blessed with pretty great kids.  I have had an incident free start to the job, touch wood the next four weeks go just as well. The only challenge for myself has been the routine. Working night shifts every other day can take its toll on your body, mind and most importantly your sleeping pattern. I think though, I am now getting used to it. I am learning how to work it and how to keep myself sane in the process. I’ve even come to the conclusion that having this kind of job, and working at night has been extremely beneficial for me. I have found myself with hours of time which I need to remain concentrated, and in turn awake. Therefore, this has provided me with the perfect opportunity to complete work, read books, work on my blog, catch up on t.v and even research future endeavors. So you can see, I have been an extremely busy night owl. IMG_0104

On a more serious note, the role itself has put me in situations which I would not have necessarily been in had I not had the job. This role has seen me interact with other employees and employers in a more equal role. Past jobs and work experience I’ve had I have always been seen as ‘below’ those I worked for. In this job though I am viewed as more of an equal, and I believe this is due to the responsibility given to me as a night time supervisor. A lot of my interactions at this job are with the international students, thus I am often in a position where I am the only native English speaker. Therefore, I am in situations where communicating can sometimes get tricky. This is certainly not a common situation for me in everyday life, though it is something I am enjoying getting to grips with. On top of this I am in a situation where I am in charge of a group of 12-17 year olds. Now, I have no younger family members so I have little experience of being authoritative towards young kids. (even more so international children who can’t always understand me!) This has probably been the biggest adjustment for me. I’ll get days when the children are being a little bit more mischievous and I just want to laugh, and honestly? Sometimes I do. But that is only because I can remember being their age and doing pretty much the same things as them. (I mean c’mon, I’m not THAT much older than them) I have thus been thrust into a situation where I need to take on that ‘adult’, ‘mature’ and ‘authoritative’ role. Although I have struggled with this to begin with I am enjoying the adjustment to it and discovering that I do actually have that person inside of me. Who’d have thought?! I’m now excited to see where my head will be at in another two weeks and even another after that, when I finish working for the language school. It’ll be interesting to see how I cope after the full six weeks of working here, and how I progress over this time.


Now, one of my previous blog posts I discussed my ‘Summer Goals’ and I thought now, being over half way through my summer, I’d update you lovely bunch on my progress. One of my biggest goals was to get back into the routine of drinking more water. This might seem arbitrary, but when I’m at university I do always forget to drink water. Over the few weeks I have been glugging it back by the litres. Although the first week or so was horrendous, with always needing to go to the bathroom and the initial breakout from toxins being flushed out, I now feel great. I feel a million times better in myself and my skin is a lot better too. (although there’s a long way to go until it’s perfect *sad face*) So I am now a massive advocate in the drink more water policy. It’s such an easy thing to do to achieve great results. So I advise everybody to drink, drink, drink! And if you need any more persuading just check out what these websites say: ONE | TWO | THREE

Since I have started on a high, I am going to continue on with it, with another successfully fulfilled summer goal. I have made it my mission to make use of Joe Wicks’ first Lean in 15 book, and I can happily say I have done just that. I was originally planning to do an entire post on just this little feat of mine, however, I lost all the photographs I wanted to include and the idea just went down the drain. I do still want to say though the book has given me inspiration for some great recipes and has got me trying things I would not normally think to attempt. All the recipes are also really easy to follow and for the majority of it the ingredients are really very basic. More often than not Wicks uses stuff you would have in your cupboards at home anyway. So it is a perfect cook book to get your hands on, as there is no need to be traipsing through foreign supermarkets and travelling long distances to acquire the ingredients you need. Which I think anybody would agree is perfect! My ‘go to’s’ in the book seem to be the vegetable and fish fritters, perfect for breakfast, or a snack, the turkey and spring onion burgers using sesame oil (My new favourite to cook with, it smells A-mazing!). Also I’d say the meatballs and the cannelloni. That being said though, all the recipes I have tried in the book have turned out great. Even my mum, my human guinea pig has loved the finished products!

Some more of my other goals were to go to the beach, to go on more walks and to read more. These I have done, but I wouldn’t really say I have thrived at. I went to the beach a couple of weekends ago, although it wasn’t the standard ‘beach day’. It was more just an alternative place to walk the dog. Since we’re lucky here in the UK no place is much more than two hours from a beach. Perks of being a small island, right? I love going to the beach so even just a walk along the sand was enough for me. I have to say though I am always shocked when I go to the beach up north and it’s really pretty. For some reason I always associate Britain’s pretty, worth a visit kind of beaches with down south, but that really is not the case. Formby near the city of Liverpool is now one of my favourite beaches. I’d definitely recommend it for those like me who love their beaches surrounded by towering sand dunesIMG_0016.JPGNext was to go on more walks: I have been on a few, including the one to the beach. This plan kind of sat on the back burner though as I started work and the weather got progressively worse. I did however manage to go on another walk along the canal. We were blessed with sunshine for just one day so it would have been rude not to make the most of it. It’s days like that that make you appreciate living in the countryside a little bit more. It’s easy to forget how open and beautiful the countryside is when you’re in the city for most of the year. And you never know, the release of Pokemon Go might just be the catalyst that gets me out there more. (It would have been wrong for me to do a blog post and not mention this phenomenon just once). Lastly reading is again something which I hoped I’d do a lot more of but in reality I have completed only a few novels. I guess this is just me comparing the amount of reading I managed to accomplish last summer, where I’d read on average two books a week. Therefore, I am pretty disappointment in the amount I have read or really haven’t read. But I am hoping I am just getting off to a slow start this year. So watch this space, you could soon be bombarded with book reviews!IMG_0197.JPG

I think that brings us pretty much up to date with life thus far. It’s been a slow couple of weeks, but I always knew July was going to be like this. It is August and September I am looking forward to now. I have a lot coming up during those months, so keep your eyes peeled for future posts to see what I get up to!

Until next time…



Summer Goals

So the last nine months have flown by, I’ve submitted countless assignments, read numerous novels, poems, academic journals, and finally my second year of university is over. Suddenly my summer is here, and I am faced with days, weeks and months of freedom. This has got me thinking: what am I to do with this time? I’ve decided I do not want to waste it like I have so many years before. Thus I have decided to set myself some summer goals. A list of things I hope to have accomplished, places I hope to visit, along with day to day targets. The problem I have though is that I say these things but rarely do I carry them out. This post therefore is my way of attempting to stick to my word. I hope that writing these goals down in a public domain will encourage me to take them more seriously.

  • Let’s start of easy, I aim to drink more water. I always find over the winter I fail to drink enough water. My skin goes horrible, I feel sluggish and just genuinely have the winter blues. Thus I will revitalise and replenish, and use the summer to flush out many unwanted toxins. – Though I am not looking forward to the initial breakouts from the toxins being flushed out.
  • DSC_0231.JPGI want to read more books. I spend the rest of the year focussing on the books I study for my degree that I feel now is the time to focus on the pleasure side of reading. Over the last couple of months I have been in and out of charity stores picking up some potentially great reads. Thus I have a lot of material to get through and this summer I hope is the time that I do just that.
  • I hope to go on more walks. Last Summer I was fairly skint from my fresher’s year at university, so I spent so much time discovering new places and going on walks. However this stopped as summer drew to an end and university took over my life once again. Over summer I hope to get back to this. I’m not sure I’ll go quite all out and walk the 15 odd miles along the canal I did last year. However I do hope to at least go on numerous smaller walks.
  • I really want to finish my room by the time I go back to university for my third year. I recently moved rooms at home which called for a completely décor overhaul. The majority of it is completed however there are still numerous finishing touches I need to complete. I feel having these all completed prior to my return to Liverpool will set my mind at ease. Therefore I will be able to return knowing nothing else needs to be done.
  • DSC_0218.JPGKeep my cactus alive has to be on this list. I have just bought a cute little potted cactus for my bedroom. However me being somebody who lacks a green thumb I’m a little anxious when it comes to keeping it alive. To my advantage though I have read they do not actually take a lot of looking after, so I hope this does go well.
  • At some point I hope to go camping. Now this is something I’ve be yearning to do for a while. I mean I’ll be satisfied even if it’s just a one night trip to Shell Island. Camping is something that I grew up doing every year as a family, and for a number of years now I haven’t done it. Thus it’ll be refreshing to spend some time, even if limited, going back to basics.
  • Something which I have attempted this year already but failed to complete is a week-long technology break. Thus I really hope to commit to this challenge once again, and instead of cracking half way through, I hope to fight the urge and complete the challenge wholly. (Although I’m not entirely sure I’ll ever be able to completely remove Netflix from my life for a whole week)
  • 181_1I want to visit Stonehenge. Ok, as random as this is, I have a number of places in the UK that I want to visit for the first time or visit again. One of these places is Stonehenge, which I have not visited in a very long time. It is one of the many places in the UK which has an intriguing history and has inspired many for various reasons. Therefore I want to find a day that I can head down there once again and experience the monument for myself.
  • roman-bathsAnother place I want to visit is Bath. Again, this is a strange one. I have for a while though wanted to visit the Roman Baths. Thus I finally hope to get down there and make this visit.
  • I will drink less alcohol. Last summer I went completely T-total, and I must say it felt great. Not only for the accomplishment, but in myself. I did however find that I began to avoid any social interaction which may have put me in the position of drinking again. (apparently I have no self-control when I’m with friends) This year though I will not be quite as extreme, I will aim to find a middle ground. (how much of an alcoholic does this make me look? but i promise you, i am not one)
  • I aim to learn about Greek mythology. You begin to learn about this stuff in school but my knowledge is fairly minimum. For some reason though this bothers me. Therefore by the end of summer I hope to have built on my foundational knowledge of this topic. Even if this means purchasing a dummies guide to mythology!Fall-of-Pha-thon-greek-mythology-2996236-800-584.jpg
  • This year I also want to be prepared for university. Usually when the academic year comes along I am anything but prepared. This time I will be heading into my final year, therefore this is prime time to turn up completely prepared. So from purchasing the novels and texts I will be studying, to identifying when I will be in attendance to classes even to making sure I have everything I need before I leave home, (because I always forget something) I will have done it!
  • I want to go to the beach. This is completely elementary so it should be easy to tick off the list. It’s actually so easy that I shouldn’t even need to include it. The problem is though with no holiday’s planned and sunny weather in England being limited, trips to the beach are fairly uncommon for me. Thus I am writing it down in hope that this goal will amount to something!
  • 11165285_10155537420080167_3859231176794751836_n.jpgwmsp-logoO9ltLgzWI want to go to the zoo and the safari park. Personally, I love a good day trip to somewhere like the zoo or a safari park. It is probably one of my favourite places to visit. Usually we head to Chester Zoo and West Midlands Safari Park, so these will probably be the places I will head to this summer. The best thing about WMSP though? They give you a free ticket to return again in the future!
  • Since I am coming up to the most important and the last year of my education I feel it is important to establish some future goals. Thus this summer I will zone in on what I am looking to achieve once I have finished university. Therefore I will look into things like careers, extracurricular programmes I could take part in and potential post graduate courses.
  • I also hope to be more experimental with cooking. I recently bought the ever so popular ‘Lean in 15’ recipe book; and although I have tried out one or two of the recipes I have yet to conquer any bigger ones. So this summer I will strive to recreate some of Joe Wicks’ delicious recipesDSC_0237.JPG
  • I will end this list with: blogging. I hope that over the summer I will actively make blogging a part of my life. Thus I hope to be consistent with posts and imaginative with my post ideas!

I feel like I have plenty of time to accomplish most if not all of these points, and I’ll probably end up adding to this list in future. So we’ll see how it goes and I’ll keep you informed as to how they are going. The most interesting thing though will be when I look back at the end of summer to see just how well I have done. If you have any goals that you are aiming to accomplish this summer do share, I’m always up for more ideas!

Until next time…