Hi, I’m Hannah and I’m a 22-year-old English Literature Student studying at Liverpool John Moore’s University. I’ve put this blog together to give me a space to write. I probably will not be very consistent, I probably will not focus of specific subjects, and I probably will not remember this page exists for extended periods of time. However, when I get inspired to write about something specific, when I want to share my experiences or I simply want to recommend a book, beauty product etc, this is where I will come. So, expect this space to be very diverse, and at times chaotic. Although this is the case, I hope you enjoy what you find, and enjoy reading my posts as much I enjoy writing them (when i do)


side note: 

Check out the research project i am currently working on: Writing Lives – I will be looking into the life and memoirs of Walter John Eugene Elliott (1890 – 1977)

My blog post ‘So much history…’ has been featured on the LJMU English website, the article can be found here

I am currently taking part in a Career Accelerator Internship, run by LJMU. During this time I am writing blog posts for the industrial lighting company Liight, find them here