High Street Beauty Haul

I had a lot of fun writing my last beauty blog, so I decided to write another. It also helped that I have recently found so many beauty products that I’m currently not sure I could ever live without. So I wanted to share them with you all. Maybe give a little bit of inspiration.


First up, and most expensive of all my purchases, is the Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation. Now, I wouldn’t usually be so willing to spend so much money on one product. (I think I paid around £30) But I had been debating the purchase of this product for so long. I went and had my skin electronically matched multiple times as I wanted to dsc_0240be sure of the shade I was buying. The idea of paying so much and then finding out it was the wrong colour genuinely terrified me! Finally though, after seeing so many people give positive reviews I decided to take the plunge. And I am so glad I did. You can really see the difference made by spending that little extra on your foundation. Even more so because your foundation will either make or break the rest of your make up. I have forever looked for a foundation that gave me a good coverage without looking too cakey. And I got exactly this from this Estee Lauder. It is also easily buildable, so at times when you need more coverage you can do just that. I love it so much I have started using it every day. Something which I am trying to cut down on because I don’t want to be running out of it too quickly. Although many people have said one bottle lasts them three or so months. As a student and with limited fund I hope to extend this further. So I’ll keep you updated!

dsc_0245If you read my last beauty post, you’ll know how much I love both Nyx and Sleek. Therefore, it is understandable then the rest of the products I am going to talk about are from these two particular brands. Since there’s less of them I will talk about the Sleek products I bought first. Firstly, is the ‘Storm’ i-Divine Eye Shadow Palette. I previously spoke about the ‘Enchanted Forest’ version of this palette, and this is exactly the same. In the way that the colours are just so pretty, they’re highly pigmented and they’re long lasting. They a hundred percent stand the test of time, whether day or night. Alike the previous palette I bought this one consisted of both matte and shimmer shades. These are perfect to create a wide variety of eye shadow looks. The palette itself consists of browns and golds, very earthy tones. I very rarely go for dark, bold colours so this palette is perfect for somebody like me. It enables me to create a subtler smokey eye, yet the sparkles and glitter on some of the shades keep you feeling like you’re still making an effort. I have fallen so in love with the i-Divine Eyeshadow Palettes that I truly believe I will keep buying them until I dsc_0266have the entire collection. Obviously then, I would highly recommend you get your hands on one of them and try them out for yourself. I would love to hear your thoughts on them!

DSC_0246.JPGSecondly is the Sleek Highlighting Palette in Solstice. This is the first highlighting palette I have bought, so I don’t really have much to compare it to. I don’t know why I have never bought a palette for highlighting, but I usually just use the highlighter included in my contour palettes. When I saw this palette in Boots though I just knew I had to purchase it. From the packaging to the pigmentation and the shades I just couldn’t resist. The palette itself is gold and consists of four different sparkly shades. One is more of a cream whereas the other three are all powders. The shades themselves are so pretty. A little bit dsc_0262shocking at first, I mean one is purple! I had no idea whether I would even use that. However once applied I found it to be the perfect highlight along the cheekbones. Personally I found the colours can be used very subtly but they can also be built up to create a more dramatic look. If you wanna sparkle like a unicorn, this is the palette for you! The palette also comes with a small applicator brush. This I found ok, not the best. I prefer to use my fingers to highlight my nose and cupids bow. And I also have another brush I’ve previously bought which I prefer to use when highlighting over my cheekbones. This is definitely just personal preference though.

Ok, on to the Nyx products. I feel like there were so many products I wanted to buy from the Nyx counter on this shop. However, I attempted to hold back a little in order to not go too crazy and spend my entire student loan during one make up haul. Last time I ordered Nyx online and it was my first time trying any of their products. So this time, after getting great results from this initial order I decided to head to a Nyx counter. This was both a good and a bad decision. Good in that I got to see everything in person prior to purchasing the products, but bad in that there was just so much choice. I found myself continuously placing items into my shopping basket, so much so that I had to start putting some back. After all of this I finished off with a small selection which I will continue to talk about now. dsc_0254Firstly, is something which I have been meaning to buy for a while, an eyeshadow base. And this Nyx shadow base is exactly what I have been looking for. It is a white cream style product, which goes onto the lids so smoothly. The pot is relatively small but since you don’t need to use a lot of the product I can see it lasting a very long time. I was actually shocked at the effect it had on my eyeshadows though. It made them appear so much more vibrant and even made blending of different shades/colours so much easier. The only problem I found with it though is if I have put foundation or concealer on my eye area the product doesn’t apply quite so smoothly. So if you’re somebody who applies foundation to your lids (or like me find yourself doing it on the odd occasion) maybe be a little more careful on the application.

Next up is the Nyx Wonder Pencil. This was definitely a spontaneous buy, as I have not considered buying it previous to this day. However, it boasted to conceal flaws, brighten eyes and line your lips and for £4.00 I couldn’t resist trying it out. I bought this in the ‘light’ as I have reached the point of being super pale for the autumn/winter months and I just don’t want to carry on fake tanning. I have found myself using this pencil daily. Not necessarily for all three uses though. Mainly I have been using this pencil in order to brighten my eyes. I have found using it along the water line and also in the corner of my eyes makes me look so much more awake, as well as making my eyes look so much bigger. (Bonus!) Using it as a lip liner is something I have found myself doing intermittently. I don’t often wear a coloured lip so understandably I wouldn’t use the pencil to line my lips every day. However, when I have used it for this purpose I found it to be quite effective. It works as a reverse liner rather than an actual liner. By this I mean you apply the product around the lips rather than on them. This, just like regular liner prevents your lip colour from bleeding out. When it comes to using this product as a concealer though, I am not sold. I have tried to cover blemishes with this pencil a couple of times but I don’t feel like it gives the kind of coverage I expect from a concealer. Yes, it’s precise. It is a pencil, it’s thin, why wouldn’t it be precise? But I just don’t believe it works in the role of a concealer! Though for the price I paid I would still definitely buy the pencil again, I just won’t be concealing with it.

dsc_0257Thirdly is the Nyx Blotting Powder. Now I previously bought the Soap & Glory One Heck of a Blot Powder for £12.00. Personally I did not enjoy this product. It only offered one colour option, which was meant for all skin types and tones. The powder itself was very pale and even myself a pretty pale person found that it further washed me out. It was far too pigmented to be used on a vast range of skin tones. It also sank into my skin, emphasising my pores and left my skin quite dry. Nyx’s version of the blotting powder however, I have found to be a lot more promising. It is also slightly cheaper than Soap & Glory at £10.50. The best thing about this product is that it comes in a few different shades, so hopefully they have you all covered. For myself I bought the shade ‘light/medium’. I have found this to be perfect for my skin tone at the moment. The product itself offers only a slight hint of pigment however this is understandable as it is a blotting powder rather than a foundation. It comes in a small compact with a mirror and an applicator which I love as I can take it anywhere. Including a small clutch bag on a night out. Hallelujah! There’s no doubt about it, I love this product. I am prone to oily skin so finding a product which I can continuously use throughout the day without it building up and looking dreadful is amazing. So if you’re anything like me I would definitely recommend you give this product a go.

dsc_0248Next up, I’m nearly there I promise, is the Nyx Highlight & Contour Pro Palette. This is something that I spoke about in a previous post. Back then though I was under the impression that the palette was a cream palette, this I now know was false. I also previously decided to veer away from purchasing it as I wasn’t prepared to pay the £18.00. Time has passed since then though and I finally decided to just take the plunge. I really like this palette. I have decided that powder contour is the one for me. I find it so much easier to blend and to work with, I just can’t find the technique with cream contour. What impressed me the most about this product though was the idea of being able to replace each individual shade. I have found previously that I tend to use one shade significantly more than others so it gets to the point where I have to buy a whole new palette just for that one colour. This feature of the Nyx palette though enables you to replace only the colours that you need. What more could you want? Another plus of this palette is that it consists of four ‘highlighting’ shade and four ‘contouring’ shades which means the palette is easy to work with. It also means that this one palette can work for a whole range of skin tones. Instead of trying to work out whether you need the ‘light’, ‘medium’ or ‘dark’, you just buy the one standard palette. The powders themselves are so pigmented, not what I was used to at all. I had to completely alter how I applied the contour as I found the way I did it previously I was using too much of the product. This though I am completely happy about, as I am using less product and therefore allowing the palette to last longer. Just what I want when I have paid more than I ever desired to. I haven’t used the ‘highlight’ colours too much, since I have bought the Sleek highlighting palette. However, when I am feeling like putting minimal effort in I have used the Ice Queen highlighter. This gives your cheeks a real subtle highlight, which looks great for everyday use!

dsc_0251Lastly, and the best purchases I have made, are three shades from the Nyx Lip Lingerie Lipstick collection. The lipsticks themselves leave your lips with weightless matte finish. I have recently fallen in love with having a matte lip thus I fell in love with this collection.  I bought ‘Corset’, ‘Push Up’ and ‘Exotic’, three beautiful shades. I found when looking at the collection as a collective on the shelf they all looked very similar. Don’t let that put you offimg_1967 though. When you get up closer to the shades and try them out you’ll see a huge difference. So first off to the right is ‘Corset’. This I feel has tones of purple and grey coming through. I really like this colour, but I do feel like it requires more than one coat to get the ultimate effect. Since the lipsticks are light and moisturising though I don’t find this to be much of an issue. It just img_1972takes a little bit longer to get the desired look. Next up to the left is ‘Push Up’. This is more of a natural looking pink. I always have a hard time finding a pink lip colour that suits my skin tone and that I can wear day to day. In ‘Push Up’ I feel like I have found the perfect colour. Also, unlike ‘Corset’, ‘Push Up’ is perfect with just the single coat. I don’t know why this is the case since they’re both from the same collection. Maybe this is just aimg_1974 unique to me, and you will have different experiences. I’d love to hear your what your results were like with this collection. Lastly though, to the right, is ‘Exotic’. This is definitely a lipstick I have been pining for. A red that isn’t too bright, isn’t too dark, suits my skin tone, is matte, long lasting and I feel confident wearing. I thought I was never going to find it. img_1959But here I am, with this beautiful lipstick. This is the product I am most pleased with. I mean come on, look how pretty it is. The colour glides on so easily and it doesn’t take a lot of effort to get it looking good. This is always a bonus for me as I hate faffing around with lips, because I am so terrible at them. So a hundred percent I would recommend you check out this Nyx Collection, there’s definitely a shade to suit everyone. I a hundred percent will be buying some more in the future, because for £6.50 they’re so so good!

If you have made it thus far I congratulate and thank you. I wasn’t anticipating how long this post was going to be. But I was so excited about all of these great products that I just had to share them all with you. I’m also impressed in myself that in the last two make up splurges I haven’t bought an item that turned out to be terrible. Amazing, right? That never happens… for me anyway. As always if you have any recommendations or thoughts I would love to hear them, but

Until next time…






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