End of Summer Road Trip

We may have just reached October, but I completely forgot to share the events of the end of my summer, and the road trip I took with a friend. So of course I have to go back to summer for this next blog post and divulge all the details of that week here…

img_0905I’m like the poorest person when it comes to summer, (always a nightmare), so this year we decided to keep it relatively ‘Hannah friendly’ and go on a road trip. Our main goal was to get down to Dorset, to the Jurassic coast for a few days camping. However, on the way there and on the return journey we decided to make some stop offs. I’ll keep it chronological and start with the way there. That makes sense, right? So, to split up our four or five-hour journey down to the coast we stopped off at Stonehenge. Which, if you remember, was on my ‘Summer to do list’. Yay, I finally can tick that off! I’m not sure what I was expecting, I mean I had visited before when I was a lot younger and didn’t have a clue what my parents were taking me to. But I feel like since then I’d been taken in with the romanticism of the landmark. Although yeah pretty great, some big rocks from years and years ago, mysterious and all that. I’m not gonna lie, I was pretty underwhelmed. I did however get a lot of great photos. I’m pretty sure we were the only two there not taking the whole scene seriously and were just having a laugh.img_1006

From there we carried on going to our destination; Durdle Door. We booked in to stay right on the coast at the Durdle Door Holiday Park, in a little wooden pod. Not quite camping, but not quite glamping. It was smaller than the pictures led us to believe, however it was perfect for us and we were not planning on spending a lot of time there anyway. Luckily for us the weather was great all week so we were able to do just this. Bonus though, the pod looked so cute at night when we were chilling from our days out. Just major regrets for not taking some cute fairy lights and getting all vibey.

Not to blow my own trumpet or anything but the Holiday Park was a perfect pick. It was right on the door step of two different beaches, Durdle Door itself and also Man O’War img_1124beach. As well as these Lulworth Cove was just a short walk along the cliffs. Reading this back it makes it sound like such a relaxing time away. And although it was mostly, man, the walk down to and up from the beaches were a killer. So steep and rocky, and just no. However, it was a hundred percent worth the effort. And you always feel good after putting in that sort of effort, don’t you? The beaches themselves were so lovely. I have so many photos it’s hard to choose a select few! I am a little regretful that I never went ahead with swimming through the Durdle Door arch, as I feel like that’s 14333012_10209510247726409_634567678369222283_nsomething you have to do.But I keep telling myself we never managed to get down there when it would’ve been safer to do so. And also we did manage to have an evening swim on Man O’War, so I actually can’t feel too bad. That was definitely one of the best nights though. Having the beach basically to ourselves and swimming in the cove after a long day of walking. The many people watching from the clifftops must have thought we were a little mad, it wasn’t exactly warm weather.

We spent one of our days in Lulworth Cove. The walk itself was probably less than a mile along the coastal cliffs. On the way there, such a lovely stroll looking at all the scenery. On the way back, killer feet and nearing on vertical walk up a cliff. (Ok, maybe a little bit of img_1111exaggeration) Either way though, it was worth the walk. We were greeted with a cute little village, and a beautiful cove. We relaxed on the rather stony beach, I had my first fish and chips at a lovely pub, (The Lulworth Cove Inn) and we went on a boat along the coast. It is definitely worth checking out if you are ever in the area. And if you have more time I saw an activities centre which you could take advantage of and go exploring stair hole and other such things!

img_1166Another of our days we spent a bit further afield. We drove along to Poole for a bit of a change of scenery. I don’t know how or why but somehow I also had romanticised Poole. Although we had a lovely walk along the waterfront, along the harbour, there wasn’t anything major going on there. So we continued on and found ourselves in Bournemouth. I had spent time there as a kid and surprisingly enough a lot of it remained the same to my eyes. And my god weren’t we happy to spend time on a beach with sand rather than stones! I feel like sand is just so much more tranquil, just because you don’t have to deal with the awkwardness and discomfort of walking along stones. It was also so hot there. We immediately were regretting not taking anything along to allow us to go in the water. And even to just chill there for a longer length of time. Unsurprisingly then we decided we would img_1192make a day of it the following day. Take our towels, swimwear, a picnic, a book, music etc etc etc so we could spend an entire day lapping up the sun. And it was such a good day. So windy though I am still, a month on, finding sand amongst the stuff I took with me. Annoying, but worth it. I also love Bournemouth beach. I love when you are able to just keep going when you’re in the water. Like you don’t feel like you have to stop, the currents are relatively ok, there’s no major drops from the ground and the waves are manageable. It’s just a safe, fun beach to go to. And there’s just so much to do there, with the pier, restaurants, bars, the beach itself, shops. Ideal if you ask me!

img_1225Bournemouth was our last full day, but on the way home we broke up the journey by stopping off at a place called Puzzlewood in Gloucestershire, in the Forest of Dean. At first I had no idea what I was going to, a puzzle in the woods? Hmm.  On its website it boasts of the various productions which have been filmed there, including Dr.Who. On arrival you can see why. It’s an interesting attraction and out of the two we did during the ‘journeys’: Stonehenge and Puzzlewood, I would definitely prefer to go to Puzzlewood again. Which is interesting in the sense that it is the least known of the two… and the cheapest. A hidden14265006_10209510243286298_531145024472763338_n gem, to me at least. Basically Puzzlewood is a maze. You go in and you have to find your way out again. In the meantime, keeping your eye out for specific elements. It’s an adventure, so a lot more fun! Along with this though there’s farmyard animals, there’s an indoor maze and there’s a café. So I can imagine it being a proper day out. For us though it was just nice to be out of the car, stretching our legs and all that jazz!

So that was our end of summer road trip type thing, all of this having spent less than £100 I cannot complain! We had such a good week, it was nice to be escaping our ‘real lives’ for a while. But also this just proves to me and everybody else, you don’t need to spend so much money when you’re planning a trip away! I am definitely now under the realisation that less can a lot of the time mean more.


Until next time…




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